Welcome to J&S Acupuncture - Our Services
Welcome to J&S Acupuncture  - Oriental Medicine
What we do at J&S

What we treat. At J&S, our clinicians are trained to treat a wide variety of conditions. These include addictions, anxiety and depressive disorders, chronic pain disorders, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, reproductive and fertility issues, migraines, sciatica, poor circulation, neurological disorders and immune disorders such as allergies.

Treatment methods. 

ACUPUNCTURE - Tiny, sterile, disposable needles are gently placed into specific acupuncture points. 

HERBS - Mixtures of herbs from thousands of sources from nature can treat specific conditions. Formulas can be prescribed alone or as an accompaniment to other treatment methods.

MOXIBUSTION - We use smoke therapy by burning dried mugwort. The smoke penetrates an area and provides increased circulation and soothing relief. TUINA. Massage facilitates the flow of Qi – the body’s energy.

CUPPING - Creating small vacuums by using glass cups on the body to increase warmth and circulation.

Consultation - Our clinicians are trained to give advice on what may be afflicting a patient and prescribing dietary methods to help correct a body’s imbalance.

Peace of mind - At J&S, we wish to provide an alternative to Western healthcare. We aim to provide a warm and calm approach to your health concerns.

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